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The mission in Medical Training Consultancy is to provide personal and group education upon request in the field



  • Basic of Health Care Quality

    • What is mean by quality. • Importance of quality in healthcare. • Quality improvement programme (Leadership). • Quality system implementation. • Quality system documentation.

  • Basic of NABH

    • Introduction of NABH. • Types of NABH certification and Accreditation • Process of NABH Accreditation • Benefits • Implementation & Audit

  • Patient Rights and Responsibility

    • What are the rights and responsibility • Why it is important to know it • How to ensure patient rights in hospital

  • Blood Spillage and Handling

    • What is mean by blood/ body fluid spillage. • What is mean by blood/ body fluid spillage kit and its contents. • What is the standard procedure to handle blood/ body fluid spillage.

  • Basic Life Support

    •What is mean by basic life support/CPR. •Importance of CPR. •Standard protocol for CPR.

  • Occupational Exposure

    • What is mean by occupational exposure • Types of occupational exposure. • Prevention of occupational exposure. • Protocol after occupational exposure.

    • Hand Hygiene

      • What is the meaning of Hand hygiene. • Types of hand wash. • Steps during Handwash procedure. • 5 Moments of Handwash, • Awareness and monitoring. • How to use WHO hand hygiene tool to observation tool to monitor.

    • Infection Control in Hospital

      • Importance of infection control in hospital. • Leadership for infection control. • Infection control Manual. • Components of Infection control majors. • Surveillance and documentation.

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